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Metal AM design features lead to certification for oil & gas sector

Titanium Gateway Manifold designed and manufactured specifically to exploit the benefits of metal AM, as it would have been virtually impossible to manufacture it using traditional methods as it contained numerous complex internal channels.

The Titanium Gateway Manifold for pipelines has been certified as the first additively manufactured part for the Oil and Gas industry by global engineering firm Lloyd’s Register. Designed by Safer Plug Company, the part required a stringent certification process to ensure it was safe to use functionally having been manufactured with Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. It is believed the certification of the Gateway Manifold is an industry breakthrough for the Oil and Gas market.

Lloyd’s Register carried out the stringent certification process to ensure it was safe to use functionally as the manifold is to be included in an assembly for a suite of pipeline isolation tools, which will also include what is thought to be the world’s smallest tool suitable for six-inch diameter pipework.

“In taking on this initiative, Lloyds Register’s Additive Manufacturing group has truly opened a gateway to the future,” said Ciaran Early, SPC Technical Director. “LR’s pivotal role is to guide suppliers through the codes, standards, controls and best practices to manufacture AM parts, in order that end users will have full confidence that an AM part meets the required level of criticality for that part.”

“3T-am are delighted that certification has been issued. We regularly work with clients in the aerospace, medical and motorsports industries to produce metal parts. Hopefully, SPC will set the example and demonstrate how the oil and gas industry can realise the benefits of AM” stated Luke Rogers, 3T-am’s Aerospace & Defence Account Manager.

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This certification demonstrates how the oil and gas industry can truly realise the benefits of AM”

Luke Rogers

Aerospace & Defence Account Manager

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