PPAP warranted parts

Production cars are being fitted with PPAP Additive Manufactured parts

3T-am produced what it believes is the first ever additive manufactured (AM) part to receive a PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) warrant for fitting on to a UK manufactured production car.

The receipt of the first additive manufactured PPAP warrant is a vital step for any automotive part and a significant step forward for the UK’s AM industry. A PPAP warrant is the approval that components need to receive before they can be fitted to a production vehicle.

3T-am’s PPAP warranted component has been manufactured for automotive Tier 1 supplier Titan Motorsport and will be fitted to a new car manufactured by one of the UK’s automotive companies for export across the globe.

3T have been producing parts for the aerospace industry which have received flight approval for some time, it is therefore very pleasing to see that 3T-am’s production rigour and consistency has been recognised with the first PPAP warrant for an AM production part. We hope this warrant will be the first of many as 3T-am ramps up and expands its AM production capacity for polymer and metal.

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This Warrant will be the first of many as 3T-am expands”

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