corporate and cultural values

We strive to create a company ethos and working environment built on strong Corporate and Cultural values. We believe that the continued success of 3T-am is driven by the skills and attitudes of the people we have carefully selected, enabling us to retain a team of committed, professional individuals.

Corporate values

  • We always strive for excellence for ourselves and our customers
  • We vigorously develop a high quality output
  • Teamwork: We succeed as a team
  • Individual development is very important
  • Work hard and have fun
  • We seek a good work / life balance
  • We are a highly innovative company
  • Compete hard but fairly


Individual values

  • We maintain the highest levels of honesty and integrity
  • We are self-motivated and use our initiative to satisfy customer requirements
  • We take responsibility for our own actions
  • We strive to develop excellent team and individual working
  • Ask if in doubt or need help
  • We are all responsible to the company and the team



  • We have a disciplined approach to our work and decision-making
  • We treat other team members with respect and courtesy


Our Customers and Partners

  • They are our most valuable allies and friends
  • We think of a job for a customer as being one for our family
  • We keep them excellently informed, especially when things are going wrong



  • We aim for high quality but good value
  • Goods and services we purchase match our high quality image



  • We look after it as if it was our home
  • Its standard must reflect our high quality, practical image

Please click here to view our Code of Conduct which applies to our employees and suppliers.