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Collaborative partnership produces complex, efficient geometries whilst reducing weight

Gravity Industries approached 3T-am with a requirement to reduce weight and streamline the existing design of their Turbine Arm Mount. Their collaboration and the implementation of additive manufacturing resulted in a slick, lightweight design.

Gravity Industries augments the body and mind with a suite of patent pending technology to enable unparalleled human flight. Launched in March 2017, their dream was to reimagine human flight with an elegant partnership between mind, body and machine, exploiting leading edge technology. This vision led to the creation of the Gravity Jet Suit.

Benefits have included introducing lightweight complex additions to the Jet Suit with a low part count featuring a consolidation of the parts and easier assembly. This has also enabled us to build a more efficient geometry and use of material in only areas where it is required. Essentially, it means we can fly further and faster!

“With rapid innovation comes the need to work with companies who have an equally rapid response rate and an ability to match speed of progression. Working with 3T additive manufacturing ltd gives us the opportunity to work together with a really capable and motivated team as we constantly enhance the Jet Suit design.”

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Essentially, it means we can fly further and faster!”

Richard Browning

CEO and Founder of Gravity

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